What’s on June 28th-1st of July!

Wondering what to do next week? I have just the thing!

From this Sunday, the 28th of June until Wednesday, the 1st of July it’s La Fête du Cinéma in Paris. UGC, Gaumont and Pathé are just some of the many cinemas that are participating and this year, in contrast to last year, there will be no limit to how many films you want to see. You will be able to see any number of films for only €4.00 per showing! logo_0

Almost all of the big cinemas in Paris will be participating and some of the films on offer are:

*Important: Films in 3D and IMAX cinemas are usually excluded from the offer

Jurassic World – click here to see the trailer

Inside out (French title: Vice Versa) – click here to see the trailer


Entourage – click here to see the trailer

Gunman – click here to see the trailer

The Profs 2 – click here to see the trailer

On Voulait Tout Casser – click here to see the trailer

Un Moment D’Égarement – click here to see the trailer

Find the full list of films available here 

La Fête du Cinéma began all the way back in 1985 and last year there were over 3 million people who attended in over 5000 cinemas in France!

So if you aren’t too busy next week, take advantage of the cheap cinema tickets and see a few movies!

Bon ciné! 

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