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Paris Plage – Voie Pompidou


Every summer between the 20th July and the 18th August Paris creates a beach along the Seine. They import tonnes of sand and build a beach just next to the seine and the canal with umbrellas, deck chairs, sunbeds, water fountains, drinks and ice cream bars.

This year the mayor has outdone himself, providing even more amazing and fun activities than last year for the people of Paris. Here are some of the great things on offer:

Babyfoot (Foosball) – Free!

Open everday from 13h00 til 20h00, the beach caters for all ages with its babyfoot tables. There are small tables for kids, larger tables for adults and even a huge foosball table for large groups! 

The Photo Booth

Use one of the connected photos booth to take a fun photo with friends or a selfie on the beach! You can send the photo to your email for free or pay €2.49 to print your photo and have it sent as a postcard. The photo booths are easy to spot as they are little white huts placed along the seine! 

Volleyball and Basketball at the Hotel de Ville – Free!

Right in front of the beautiful city hall volleyball and basketball courts have been installed. Play for free anytime between 13h00 and 20h00. It can be quite busy so try to go during the day, a lot of people go during their lunch break! Quelle vie!


Boules is the age-old game that the French love to play and this summer at the Paris plage you can play for free with your friends! There are four large pitches of sand where you can play between 10h00 and 20h00 everyday. 

Tai chi and Dance! – All free

Tai-chi lessons are available just 50m from Pont Neuf metro station everyday from 10-12h00, you don’t need to sign up, simply go along and relax…Japanese style. 

In the same place, Danses de salon offers free dance lessons everyday from 17h-20h00 and everyone is welcome! You could be learning zumba, tropical dances or enhancing your latin dance skills! 

The Children’s Ball (Tunnel des Tuileries) – Every Sunday from 15h00-17h00 you can bring your children down to the beach for a ball! Children must be between 3 and 7 years old. 

And the fun doesn’t end there!

  • For children there is also a Club Enfants with a huge play park (3-6 years old)
  • Petit Vélib where children can rent a bike for free and learn how to improve their cycling skills (2-8 years old)
  • A book corner where children can read (all ages)
  • A small farm where three times a day they can learn about farm animals! (all ages, 11h, 14h and 15h30)
The Library!

There is also a library where adults can read on the beach, with a choice of over 300 books! And for the first time, a blood bank where you can give blood during the day, doing your bit for the health establishments in France. This year, Paris plage really has it all!

Most of these wonderful things end on August 16th, two days before the Paris plage closes for another year. So with just two weeks left to enjoy the beach…head on down as soon as you can! 

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