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Parisian Terraces to try this Summer

“One never sees Paris for the first time; one always sees it again…” – Edmondo de Amicis Anyone who has visited Paris knows that the city has spectacular views from numerous locations. With summer finally on its way you have the opportunity to see these views from Paris’ beautiful terraces. To help you decide which […]

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Welcome to my Neighbourhood

This week’s guest blogger is the wonderful Isabelle Andover. Isabelle is a Paris-based writer of chicklit. Her debut novel, Cocktails at Le Carmen, was published by Simon & Fig in June 2015. Originally from England, Isabelle lives with her tabby cat Oscar, who occasionally blogs about apartment-style living in the City of Light. In addition to fully embracing the culture […]

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Bercy Village – why it’s worth a visit

Bercy Village is technically classified as a shopping centre but the second you step onto the paved courtyard you’ll see that it’s quite different. The White stone warehouses used to hold the largest wine market in the world and are now classed as historic monuments, protected from change. The warehouses stored wine for over a […]

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