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Looking for a writing group in Paris? Join us!

Last year I joined a writing group in Paris called The Drunk Writers and after the current leader had to head back to the States I offered to take over. I really loved the group and didn’t want it to end! We now meet every two weeks and work together on timed exercises (5 minutes each) before sharing what we have written, if you want to, of course! Our group is called the Drunk Writers after Ernest Hemingway’s famous quote “Write drunk, edit sober.” Everyone brings a bottle of wine/beer or a soft drink if you don’t drink and we meet in a member’s apartment. The idea is just to have fun, write and learn. We are always looking for new members and encourage you to join if you enjoy writing and want to do something new and exciting!

Here is our code if you want to know more!

The Drunk Writers code:
1. You are never expected to share anything you write, but you will be encouraged to. You can write in any language you like!
2. There is never any badmouthing or harsh criticism allowed. This is a positive and uplifting space.
3. Confidentiality of anything that you share.
4. You can be drunk but a functioning drunk otherwise know your limits.
5. This is not a dating site so please be mindful of any unwanted advances.
6. Come wanting to write. There is time to socialize before and after I promise!
7. I will set up timed writing exercises for those not working on a project. Feel free to ignore what I’ve said and do your own writing. For example: I could set up an exercise to write about your favorite meal for 5 minutes. You could write about your worst meal instead if you like or your current book/poem/blog etc.,
8. I will say something to you if I see you thinking instead of writing. The goal is to write uninhibited in this group. Our motto is “Write Drunk, Edit Sober”
9. Edit on your own time… expect that your work is gonna “stink” because the goal is to get used to writing even when you don’t feel like it.
10. Expect that in that “stink” writing… you will find some gems and you will be glad you didn’t waste all that time thinking about the perfect line because you’re worried about sharing. (don’t share if you care that much) or share it next time after you’ve edited it.
11. HAVE FUN… this is an awesome albeit small group in danger of dissipating. A lot of people say they want to come and don’t. Truly you’re missing out! One it’s free (just bring me a bottle to share with the group)… two, we’re in freaking Paris… the most inspiring city in the world for writers! especially drunk ones!

Hope to see you all soon!

Current leaders in Paris: Chloe Martin & Laura Moore
Founded in November 2012 by Isabel Lerma
Copyrighted 2015 The Drunk Writers Paris



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