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How to: Rent an Apartment in Paris (without losing your mind)

WE DID IT! WE ACTUALLY FOUND AN APARTMENT! I almost couldn’t believe it when I put my pen to paper and signed for our new apartment, it was such a relief! This was my first time really looking for an apartment and trust me, finding a flat in or around Paris isn’t easy. You need […]

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Lost In Frenchlation – The Ultimate Cinema Experience!

Although Lost in Frenchlation sounds like the title of my first 3 years in Paris, it’s actually something much more interesting! So what is Lost in Frenchlation? “The concept was born out of the frustration experienced by Lost in Frenchlation’s Co-Founders, Matt and Manon, when they couldn’t go to the cinema together due to Matt’s lack […]

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24 Hours in Paris

Having been living as a Parisienne for over 6 years now, I often get asked if the city is worth visiting. My response? YES, absolutely. You must come. You need to come. How soon can you fly over? Did you hear Air France was having a sale??? Bottom line is, I love Paris and come rain […]

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