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Modern Map Art – The Must Have Map for Chez Toi

When I first discovered Modern Map Art I just KNEW I had to have one for our new apartment. They are so contemporary and cool, making them the perfect addition to any apartment. And best of all, you have a large choice of cities to choose from! I, of course, chose Paris as the place […]

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How to: Rent an Apartment in Paris (without losing your mind)

WE DID IT! WE ACTUALLY FOUND AN APARTMENT! I almost couldn’t believe it when I put my pen to paper and signed for our new apartment, it was such a relief! This was my first time really looking for an apartment and trust me, finding a flat in or around Paris isn’t easy. You need […]

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How to: Avoid Apartment Scams in Paris

So here’s the problem: After seeing several posts on various Expat pages on Facebook, I am sick and tired of seeing innocent people get scammed. It makes me so angry that people who are moving to Paris, or even already living here, are losing their money to criminals. Criminals who are using our safe spaces […]

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