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Funny and Frustrating Things About Being Bilingual

You start to forget words in your own language One of the weirdest things that has happened to me over the past seven years is that I’ve started to forget simple words in my own native language – English. In general, the words I forget are words that even in England, I wouldn’t use very […]

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Paul Taylor’s FRANGLAIS – the Bilingual Culture Clash we have all been waiting for

A few weeks ago I was sat in my flat searching for a different kind of inspiration. This time around it wasn’t for my blog, nor for my novel, but for my general sanity. Let me explain… After almost three years of regular date nights with my other half, I had started to feel like […]

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Pardon My French!

When you’re learning another language it’s quite natural to have horrible lost-in-translation moments. Especially ones where you make what seems like a small mistake and later find out that it was quite a colossal error. Well, that has happened to me, a lot.   So when my great friend and talented vlogger Lucien Hilaire invited me to […]

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