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French Films You Need to Watch

Before I moved to France the only French film I had ever seen was Amélie. I didn’t know of other French films, nor the names of any famous French actors and I’m ashamed to say that it stayed this way for a very long time! The problem was – I wanted to watch French movies […]

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Lost In Frenchlation – The Ultimate Cinema Experience!

Although Lost in Frenchlation sounds like the title of my first 3 years in Paris, it’s actually something much more interesting! So what is Lost in Frenchlation? “The concept was born out of the frustration experienced by Lost in Frenchlation’s Co-Founders, Matt and Manon, when they couldn’t go to the cinema together due to Matt’s lack […]

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What’s on in Paris? The July Special

Summer is officially upon us!  The sun is beaming down, tourists are all around and everyone wants to be outside. If you’re fairly new to Paris you might be wondering, what’s on in July? Where do all the Parisians go? How can I escape the thousands of tourists? Don’t worry, after having spent 5 summers here, I’m able […]

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