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Le Basilic – My Restaurant of the month

Just 800 metres from the heart of Montmartre lies a beautiful restaurant that’s just waiting to be discovered – Le Basilic. With its medieval architecture and overflowing ivy covering the outer walls and entrance, it’s like something out of a fairy tale.

I first stumbled across this restaurant thanks to my friend Elina who lives and works near Montmartre. I remember meeting her at Place de Clichy and walking up the hill past the Montmartre cemetry, where many famous artists have lived and worked. At the top of the hill we turned right and continued down a residential road that was surprisingly quiet, a stark contrast to the loud and busy boulevard we were on a few minutes before. About half way down the street we stopped in front of a beautiful restaurant, “We’re here!” She said. I smiled and followed her inside, eager to discover what lay behind the ivy covered walls.

Discovering Le Basilic

Inside, the restaurant is as beautiful as the outside. There are wooden beams on the ceiling and each table has a white tablecloth, making the restaurant look bright and airy. There is an old fashioned, authentic reception area with a large, wooden and antique welcome desk and a sizeable fireplace at the back of the restaurant. You will immediately be welcomed by the waiter, wearing a suit or a shirt and tie and most appealing of all, with a huge smile on his face. The service at this restaurant is impeccable. 

The Menu

Now for the cherry on the cake, the menu. The prices for main meals range between €18 and €30 and will make your mouth water. On the menu you’ll find a number of dishes such as Sea bass, Prawn risotto, Fried sole, Squid rings, Duck breast, Duck stew, Rib eye and Veal picatta. Puddings are all the same price at €6.90 and include delectable desserts such as Chocolate mi-cuit and Mango creme brulée. Starters are also available but only when you order a two or three-course meal. Starters include dishes such as soup, foie gras, sardines and smoked salmon. 

To top it all off Le Basilic offers some amazing set menus which are great value for money. You can choose between The menu plaisir at €24.90 or the menu express at €11.90. The menu plaisir includes a starter, a main and a dessert whereas the menu express includes either a starter + a main or a main + a dessert. Last time I had herring fillets with warm boiled potatoes to start followed by a steak with charlotte potato fries. Delicious and cost me less than 12 euros! The rapport qualité prix is excellent in all parts of the menu. 

I highly recommend going to Le Basilic. You can try their delicious food, test out their fantastic menus and enjoy their wonderful customer service. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be itching to go back the moment you step out of the door.

Le Basilic
33 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris
01 46 06 39 26

Check out their website for more information or to reserve a table! – Le Basilic


  • Lundi 11h45 – 20h30
  • Mardi 11h45 – 20h30
  • Mercredi 11h45 – 20h30
  • Jeudi 11h45 – 20h30
  • Vendredi 11h45 – 19h30
  • Samedi 11h45 – 19h30
  • Dimanche 11h45 – 19h30


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