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Elie & Noémie – The Dazzling Duo you just have to discover!

This delightful duo are fairly new on to the live music scene in the pubs of Paris and are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. They’re refreshingly different and uniquely unconventional. Fairy lights surround them as they perform covers that will both surprise and delight your ears!

So how did this duo begin?

Noémie first met Elie about a year and a half ago at The Coolin Pub where he was performing during the Open Mic night. After hearing him sing Noémie asked if he’d be interested in forming a duo and luckily for us, Elie said yes! Before performing together for the first time they spent some time hanging out as friends, knowing that they needed to get to know each other better. They began practicing at The Coolin Open Mic in October of 2013 and they entered into the Master Mic competition in March of 2014, coming second place. It was at this moment that they realised people really loved what they were doing and that maybe, it could work out!

So where are they from?

Elie is originally from Lebanon and is studying for his PHD in Computer Science. Noémie is from Lille but has lived in Nice and Paris. She is the co-manager of a shop called Brandy Melville. For both Elie and Noémie, music is just a hobby.

“We never want playing music together to become a burden. It’s just a hobby so there is a lot less pressure!”

Their first official solo gig was in January of this year and since then they have done a number of gigs in pubs all over Paris. As music is a hobby for them both, they don’t perform every week and as they work and study their gigs are around once or twice a month. Some people might say that it’s a shame that they don’t play more often but this makes their gigs even more special. You feel so appreciative and so happy when you get to see them play live! 

So what do they sound like?

Ladies first, let’s start with Noémie. Noémie has a smoky voice which is smooth and sultry with a hint of attitude, something that shines through when she sings nineties classic Nothing in Between by Meredith Brooks. When she sings you can hear the American twang she’s picked up and a hint of the 50s in her voice, a beautiful combination! Elie also has a silvery voice but his is softer, more melodic, and reminds you of artists like Ben Howard. His voice is smooth and gentle and his guitar playing is first-class. Together their voices are the perfect ingredients for an incredible duo. Their voices go together like bread and butter, producing a polished, unique sound that will have you hooked from start to finish. 

What can I expect to hear?

Elie and Noémie sing and play together with an accompaniment of different instruments. While they sing you’ll hear a tambourine rattle, a macarena shake and a guitar strum. A mix of things that will literally be, music to your ears!  They also play a large variety of music including songs by Phil Collins, Maroon 5, Coldplay, Natalie Imbruglia, LMAO, Beyonce, La Roux and the Black Eyed Peas. Their eclectic mix of music is another great reason to hear them live! 

To add to all this, Elie and Noémie are two of the humblest musicians I’ve ever met. They have no idea just how bright their talent sparkles, making it even more worthwhile to go and see one of their gigs. Let this delicious duo intrigue, surprise and dazzle you with their musical talent! 

What are you waiting for? Go check them out!


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