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4 Things to do in the City in March

Although March is finally upon us, winter is still clinging on in Paris. The parks are blustery and people everywhere are wrapped up warm in thick scarves and woolly hats. It’s easy to choose to stay indoors with the cold weather but don’t miss these great things in the city this month. 

1. On a Wednesday, go to Le Carlie and eat Raclette.

Le Carlie is a quirky little bar set up by a young couple who understand the importance of FUN. The bar is lively and convivial and after just one visit you will be itching to go back. Raclette is a famous Swiss cheese that is adored by the French and that is traditionally heated in front of a fire or using a special machine. When the cheese is positively gooey it is then scraped off on to potatoes using a large spatula style knife. It’s certainly what you would call a winter meal because it’s literally just CARBS. Raclette always comes with potatoes but can also be eaten with several types of ham, pickled onions and gherkins. Le Carlie had the ingenious idea of installing these traditional machines and offering Raclette every Wednesday for 12€ a plate, which is a total bargain when you consider that it means unlimited cheese and potatoes. The bar also offers great cocktails, artisan beers and a large selection of spirits. Don’t miss out on a raclette and a bevvie before the end of the winter period!

Photo credit: blog intrepid

Le Carlie
177 Rue Saint-Martin
75003, Paris
Metro: Rambuteau

2. Randonnée Paris du Printemps (Paris Spring Hike)

Take a promenade through some of the prettiest parks and green spaces of Paris. The 12 km circuit takes you through the Bois de Boulogne and the Chateau de Bagatelle. The longer circuit (20km) continues to the Eiffel Tower, Trocadéro and the Arc de Triomphe.

The hike takes place on a Sunday and costs 3 euros per person. The hike will begin between 9am-12pm from Gymnase Leon Biancotto.

For more information on the hike click here! 


3. Take a tour with Laura Moore!

My friend and fellow writer is a fabulous tour guide in Paris. The tours that she gives are so interesting and so captivating that they will have you longing to know more! Whether you’re a tourist or a resident here, Laura’s tours will blow you away and even though you might think it impossible, she’ll make you fall even more in love with Paris. Laura’s animated voice and her story-teller style will have you hooked on her every word.

For more information about Laura’s tours check out her website. 

So, the sun is out but the weather is a little chilly so wrap up warm and go and enjoy the month of March in the beautiful city of Paris! xox


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