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Picasso Celebration – Paris’ Hottest New Exhibition

I was recently invited to visit the Picasso museum for the new exhibition designed by artistic director Paul Smith. Even though I have lived here for many years, I had actually never visited the museum before. So when the museum reached out and offered a private evening tour, I was over the moon!


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death, the Picasso museum has collaborated with British fashion designer Paul Smith. The idea is to ‘revive’ the collections and show the artist’s work in an entirely new light. Paul Smith explains in an interview with Cécile Debray (President of the Picasso Museum) that Picasso’s work has traditionally been displayed on blank walls. He hopes that by presenting the artwork in a less conventional way, that it will be more accessible to a younger audience. Or to an audience who may not be so familiar with the great artist.

Stripes are a common theme throughout the exhibition
Stripes are a common theme throughout the exhibition

The Different Spaces

The collection is an explosion for the senses. There are bright colours, music and props that allow you to experience the artwork in an outside of the box kind of way. Very quickly, I started to understand the title of the exhibition. I also learnt a great deal about Picasso thanks to the guided tour. I was much more familiar with his very famous works such as Guernica and the Weeping Woman. Furthermore, I did not realise that his style had changed and developed so much over the course of his life.

A Unique and Must-See Picasso Exhibition

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this new twist on a traditional exhibition. I have been to more exhibitions than I can count, but very few that stayed with me as much as this new take on the Picasso collection. It’s a refreshing new approach to presenting artwork. My favourite room (below) where old posters of previous Picasso exhibitions are glued to the walls in the same way young designers do in Paris today. Flyposting is very popular in Paris and to see the old mixed with the new was an unexpected and unique juxtaposition that I personally found fascinating.

Flyposting - Picasso Edition
Flyposting – Picasso Edition

Exhibition & Ticket Information

The exhibition is open now until August 27th 2023 and there are three types of tickets available.

  • Tickets for the exhibition only (from 11 euros)
  • Tickets for the exhibition with an audioguide (from 15 euros)
  • Tickets with a guided tour (18 euros)

You can purchase your tickets here.

Whether you’re an art lover or more of a curious beginner, I cannot recommend this exhibition enough. It’s a fantastic way to spend a few hours and is truly an original and invigorating way to view Picasso’s artwork.

Warm thanks to the Picasso Museum for the invitation and to Beth for being my museum date!

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