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The Green Goose – Paris’ Hidden Gem.

If you ever find yourself walking down Rue des Boulets in the 11th The Green Goose is hard to miss. With its pale green pillars, glass door and its name in green lights, it will pique your curiosity and have you itching to go inside. Through the windows you’ll notice that the pub is dimly lit and when you eventually do open the door you’ll have to push aside a large velvet curtain before you get your first glimpse of this unique pub.

As you step inside you might be surprised by what you see. The pub is beautifully decorated with large, hanging lampshades, cabinets containing old beer bottles from allaround the world and old Irish photos of politicians, famous landmarks and of course, geese. Some of the walls are covered in old copies of Le Petit Journal and there is a traditional wooden theme throughout the pub. Last but not least there is, of course, a stuffed goose; the image of the pub itself.

Welcome, people of Paris, to an untraditional Irish pub, the Irish pub with the French touch.

The Green Goose officially opened its doors to the public on the 15th of March 2014 and this Sunday it will celebrate its first birthday. I checked in with manager and owner Kieran Loughney to ask him a few questions about his quirky creation.

So Kieran how long have you lived in Paris?

For about four or five years now. Before that I lived in Ireland but then I moved here and started working for my dad and lecturing in a university. My dad runs a pub that he opened eight years ago called Patricks Le Ballon Vert which is just down the road from The Green Goose.

What made you want to open an Irish pub here?

I realised I wanted to run my own pub after I spent a great deal of time working in pubs and restaurants. I worked for my dad for a while and quickly noticed that aside from Patrick’s, there weren’t many places where you could get a decent Irish beer or cider with a decent meal. I wanted to create a chilled out place where you could drink and eat well but I also wanted to create something totally different in terms of the products, the logo and the menu.

Why did you choose the name The Green Goose?

I chose to use word ‘Green’ in the title because it’s the colour of Ireland and it represents health and happiness. The word ‘Goose’ came from the expression The flight of the wildgeese which is a nod to soldiers who left Ireland to fight in foreign wars. It’s a reference to all the Irish people living and working in Paris.

Why did you choose the 11th as the location for your pub?

I didn’t choose the 11th for any specific reason and I didn’t deliberately choose to be close to my dad’s pub, I just knew I could do something with it when I saw it for the first time. It was an Italian restaurant before and we refurbished everything; put in new walls, floors and furniture and repainted the inside and outside.  

What food can we expect to find in your pub?

The original chef is a friend of mine and we put together the menu. We wanted something a bit different but not kitsch and we wanted something that reflected what’s happening in restaurants in Ireland and England. That’s how we came up with the idea of doing gastronomic Irish food. In the pub you’ll find that almost everything is homemade, most of the meat used is Irish (Irish sausage, Irish lamb), we have vegetarian options and even the cheese board is Irish!  

Photo credit: The Green Goose


What cider and beer can we find at the Green Goose?

We have a wonderful Irish cider called Finbarra (Stonewell) on draft which is a medium dry craft cider 5.5% abv. We also have Proper Job, a Cornish IPA guest beer as well as a number of other beers and ciders.

Are hot beverages available?

Yes, we have high quality coffee from Copenhagen as well as Irish coffee, hot chocolate and a selection of teas.


Do you have any special lunchtime offers on food?

Yes, our lunch menu is 15 euros which includes

  • a starter & a main or a main & a dessert

And for 18 euros you can have

  • a starter, main & dessert

Do you serve brunch?

Yes we have a great brunch menu with dishes ranging between 12 and 14 euros (14.50 being the most expensive). We serve a variety of things such as; Brunch buttie with Irish sausage, eggs benedict with smoked salmon or bacon, creamed mushrooms and blueberry, white chocolate pancakes and many more!

Our full brunch menu costs 24 euros and consists of; homemade scones with jam and cream, granola and yoghurt, tea or coffee, orange or apple juice and one of the main brunch dishes.

Wow, sounds delicious! My mouth is watering!

And will you be doing anything special for Saint Patrick’s Day?   

Yes! We will be serving a special Irish menu for Saint Patrick’s Day so why don’t you drop by for an authentic Irish evening?

Thanks Kieran, I’m sure we will!

After visiting The Green goose on several occasions, I can honestly say it’s is a pub that I highly recommend. Not only does it serve a delicious brunch, a unique and heavenly lunch and a delectable dinner but it also offers a wide variety of desserts guaranteed to make your mouth water. The cider on draft is to die for and it’s so refreshing to be able to have ale on draft in Paris that is stored and served correctly. Kieran has attempted to do something really special with The Green Goose and I can whole-heartedly say he has succeeded. A must-see, a must-do, a must-visit.

The Green Goose
19 Rue des Boulets
Paris 75011
09 82 37 73 41

  • Open from 10am to 2am everyday
  • Reservations taken, even for large groups
  • Sports shown but only big games

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