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Pink Mamma – Big Mamma’s New Baby

After the success of East Mamma, Ober Mamma, Mamma Primi, Big Love Caffè and Popolare, Big Mamma has opened yet another incredible restaurant at Pigalle – Pink Mamma. And wow, they really have outdone themselves this time!

An Instagrammer’s paradise, Pink Mamma consists of four different levels, each different and unique in their own way. As soon as the restaurant opened, we made our way straight to the top floor, led by our waiter who only spoke Italian (which definitely added to the authenticity of the experience). On our way up we passed the first floor – a Great Gatsby style cocktail bar with an absolutely beautiful mix of green and gold decor. At the second floor was an authentic Italian looking room, where we caught a glimpse of octopus and T-bone steaks being grilled to perfection. At the third floor and final floor I could not believe my eyes. The top floor reminded me of a gazebo, light pouring in from the windows that encompassed the room and the bar at the back of the room resembling something straight out of a fairy tale!

Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Emily (@theglitteringunknown) we had the cutest table in the corner and I finally had the opportunity to taste the delicious food that the Big Mamma restaurants have to offer. Emily and I decided to start with drinks, of course, grabbing the opportunity to taste some of the delectable cocktails on the menu. They were so refreshing and were the perfect summer tipple! I tried a Big Mamma and a Mummy Cool, both of which were heavenly and I would highly recommend! Click here to see the drinks menu for Pink Mamma. 

Next, it was time for starters, and we already knew we wanted to try the typical Italian dish Burrate, everyone around us seemed to be ordering it and it looked mouth-wateringly good! We couldn’t choose between the three so we decided on the Big Burrata Mix which consisted of a burrata with tarragon, olives and olive oil, a burrata with cherry tomatoes and watermelon and last but definitely not least, a burrata with anchovies and bottarga. Accompanied by a fresh basket of Italian bread, bien sûr. Oh mio dio, it was delectable.

After a healthy serving of burrata it was time to choose our mains and honestly, I found it really difficult to choose what to eat! I wanted to try so many things on the menu, including their famous truffle pasta that everyone raves about. However, it was a hot summer evening and pasta seemed more of a winter dish so I decided to go for a pizza instead. I chose the Regina de la night – mozzarella, Tuscan ham, olives, portobello mushrooms and rosemary, a classic Italian pizza and one of my favourites. Emily ordered the Mamma’s Steak Cut, a succulent 250g steak with roasted potatoes. My pizza was light and fluffy and cooked to perfection. The steak was juicy and tender and the roasted potatoes were the best I’ve ever seen in Paris. Basically, and I can’t stress this more, everything was perfetto. 

Pink Mamma is one of those restaurants where it doesn’t matter how full you are, you will most definitely want to order dessert. Especially as everyone around you is doing the same and you’re getting food envy from every dish that passes in front of your eyes. For dessert we ordered the Italian Sundae and the classic Il Tigramisu. The waiter came out with the tiramisu and asked us how big a piece we wanted, causing me to have to pinch myself to check that I wasn’t dreaming! My sundae came in a beautiful mug which looked like it had come straight out of an Italian grandma’s kitchen. The brownie was sweet and crunchy and the gelato mixed with the raspberries was just divine. The tiramisu was not overpowered by alcohol and simply melted in your mouth, a really delightful dessert which we washed down with some espressos. 

When we were handed the dessert menu I noticed something clipped to it and after closer inspection I realised that the last, missing floor was in fact 3 floors below us. The small card attached to the menu explained that No Entry, a speakeasy, is hidden in the basement of the restaurant and offers a huge selection of cocktails in a cosy ambiance. We didn’t have time to try it when we were there but it is definitely on my list of things to try.

All in all, I had a fantastic experience at Pink Mamma; the food and the drinks were wonderful and the service was very good (even if it was a little slow). However, once you’ve got one of their cracking cocktails in your hand and you’ve tasted their food, you’ll realise that it’s TOTALLY worth the wait. 

Pink Mamma Restaurant

20bis Rue de Douai

75009 Paris


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