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Le Paname: The Art Cafe that you just have to discover!

    Ever since I stumbled upon this unique spot a few months ago I’ve wanted to go back.

According to its website:

Le Paname is a quirky Art Cafe and Restaurant with trendy decor guaranteed to delight the senses. A stonethrow away from Republique and Canal St. Martin it’s very central. The menu consists of classic French bistro dishes intermingled with oriental odeurs. The restaurant also offers a cocktail menu and an impressive wine selection. The Art Cafe offers weekly jazz concerts, comedy nights in both French and English, art exhibitions and DJs at the weekend. With countless events this is the place to be both in the week and on the weekend!

Le Paname is a remarkable place that you would never find unless you went looking for it. Tucked away on a small side street called rue de la fontaine au roi, it appears to be nothing more than a simple bar from the outside. Step inside and you will soon realise that it is so much more. When you open the door you are welcomed by a cosy corner known as le coin discussion, literally the ‘discussion corner.’ It’s the perfect place to relax and get comfy both during the day and in the evening. And the raving rabbid (lapin cretin) is an added bonus…although now it is missing its ears…

As you go further into the art cafe you pass a bar on the left and right at the back there’s a restaurant. If you come here to eat you have a small but diverse menu with prices ranging from 10 to 20 euros. The average price for a starter or dessert is 10 euros and the mains are between 18 and 20 euros. Wine and beer are around 5 euros a glass, a bottle of wine is 25 euros and cocktails are around 8-10 euros. The prices are reasonable and best of all, most of the comedy events are free of charge as long as you spend over 5 euros in the bar!
Check out the full lunchtime and evening menu here.

That leads me to the final part of Le Paname, the hidden theatre. Once you have bought a drink you’ll receive what looks exactly like a metro ticket, this is your ticket to the next show that evening. About 5 minutes before the show is set to start you will be ushered to a door and down some stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is a metro carriage door leading into a stone-walled, cave like room. There is a small stage with a single stool, a microphone and around 30 mismatched chairs. This is where the comedians take to the stage; both French and English comedians perform here regularly, in the basement of this unique hideaway.

Last Tuesday I went to something called French Fried Comedy Night which was entirely in English and one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year. I can’t believe I’ve been in Paris for almost 5 years and I have only just discovered this amazing venue! There were a number of different comedians, some American and some English, all with their own style of comedy and all equally as funny. This English Comedy show is on every single Tuesday at 9pm, it’s free of charge as long as you spend at least 5 euros at the bar and it’s the perfect way to have a little bit of home right here in the city of lights.

If there is anything that we all need right now it’s a little bit of laughter. I highly recommend Le Paname as it’s the perfect place for both French and English people to relax.
Find out more on their facebook page.
For more information and ticket reservation check out Le Paname’s website.


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