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Pink Mamma – Big Mamma’s New Baby

After the success of East Mamma, Ober Mamma, Mamma Primi, Big Love Caffè and Popolare, Big Mamma has opened yet another incredible restaurant at Pigalle – Pink Mamma. And wow, they really have outdone themselves this time! An Instagrammer’s paradise, Pink Mamma consists of four different levels, each different and unique in their own way. As soon […]

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Dining in Style with BonAppetour

Imagine having the opportunity to eat in an apartment that is too beautiful for words to do it justice, with a host that not only cooks the finest French cuisine but also welcomes you into their home with open arms. Sounds like something out of a food lover’s fairy-tale, right? Well, thanks to BonAppetour it doesn’t have […]

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My Restaurant of the month – Le Basilic!

Just 800 metres from the heart of Montmartre lies a beautiful restaurant that’s just waiting to be discovered. With its medieval architecture and overflowing ivy covering the outer walls and entrance, it’s like something out of a fairy tale. I first stumbled across this restaurant thanks to my friend Elina who lives and works near Montmartre. I […]

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