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How to Look Parisian in a Heartbeat

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How to Look Parisian in a Heartbeat.

When visiting or living in the fashion capital one will soon learn what the to-dos and the not to-dos of everyday style are. Here are a few of my discoveries:

Most French women are rather prudent when it comes to wearing colours. As opposed to other countries the most predominant colour here is black – and thank heavens for that, because it is right up my alley. But come to think of it, it makes total sense. Mixing colours is tricky, it can be a total success or a massive failure. So, to simplify things, the solution is to wear lots of basic, neutral colours that are easily adaptable in any environment. Wear something to work that you could also wear to a party or an “afterwork.”
The most common colours in Paris are: Black, grey, brown, camel, beige and navy blue. You can also add, but with care; colours like burgundy and dark green. Invest more in the neutrals, they will last longer and look better even in a few years’ time.

Pieces to invest in would be essentials like coats, sweaters, bags, pants, shoes.

However, if you decide on having a splash of colour, don’t spend too much. To begin with, opt for something cheaper and only wear it a few times – everybody will remember that mustard shirt you wore on a couple of occasions and that Oh La La! intense marine blue dress. Accessory wise, opt for belts, scarfs and hats.

That being said here are a few quick tips on how to look Parisian in a heartbeat: 

Always wear shorts or a short skirt with black tights (not flashy ones or thin ones) and if you wear a short skirt, never match it with a very low neckline. It’s a real fashion faux pas.

Here is an example of what-to-wear.

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AVOID heavy make-up, instead opt for mascara and some thin black lines in the corners of your eyes, and yes, adding a strong red lipstick is definitely la mode. In Paris, less is definitely more when it comes to make up.

And when it comes to winter there is a whole array of things you can wear. Wear a hat in autumn and winter, and also add a silk scarf. They are so chic!

But most importantly, before going straight for the newest trend out there, ask yourself:

Is this trend really me? And does it fit my own personal style?

Follow the basic rules but be sure to add a little bit of yourself into your style!

Et viola! Good luck out there and remember Fashion’s most basic rule:

Keep it simple, because simple is chic!

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