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Ten Reasons Why I love living in Paris

1. French women don’t wear a lot of make up.

French women are all about being au naturel with regards to their make up. Their attitude to make up is simple; less is more. A strong lipstick with a flick of mascara is the perfect day or night combination. Less make up, but no less confidence. Pretty much every Expat I know, including myself, strives to be more like the Parisian woman everyday.

2. French men have a certain je ne sais quoi

French men are some of the most romantic, charming and downright handsome men that I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. Of course I’m definitely biased, having been lucky enough to have one of these dishy fellas on my arm for some time now. But honestly ladies, if you’re still looking for that special someone, try spending some time in Paris. After all…it is the most romantic city in the world.

3. The endless amount of amazing cafes

In the last couple of years Paris has started changing. Areas that young people were never interested in are the areas that are now booming with hipster calling cafes and coffee shops. Serving the best coffee in Paris has become a competition and for the first time coffee is taking first place over food. Cafes are popping up all over the place, each unique in their own ways. Click here for more info!

4. Jardin du Luxembourg

Everyone who has lived in Paris for a while has their ‘favourite park’ in the city. For me, it is, and I suspect always will be, the Jardin du Luxembourg. The first time I set foot in this park it took my breath away, and six years down the line nothing has changed. With several fountains, a huge pond, 55 acres of land and its own palace, it’s impossible not to be impressed by this park. My favourite thing to do there is sit on the grass in the summer and enjoy a picnic with friends!

5. The Wonderful Wine Bars

Paris is full of wonderful wine bars that are patiently waiting for you to pop by. Wine bars such as O Chateau offer dégustation de vin (wine tasting) and delicious plates of cheese and meats is traditional and unassuming, filled with locals drinking wine and on the weekend, eating oysters! Regulars who go there often bring their own wine bottles to fill up and take home, so the bar is ecologically friendly too! My personal favourite is L’Art Source  which I only discovered a few weeks ago thanks to my friend Kath. L’Art Source is trendy and cool and offers wine and a delicious of selection of tapas. The service is fabulous and the atmosphere is unbeatable.


Let’s be honest, this isn’t a difficult thing to understand! The French make, by far, the best bread in the world. I don’t know how I would live without my tradition baguette if I ever moved away. Life would be very, very hard.

And then there’s their pastries…

Funnily enough, I’m actually not a big pastry person. I find that they can be far too sweet and sickly so I find it hard to enjoy them! However in Paris they are just remarkable. This past weekend I shared a millefeuille (a thousand layer cake) with my parents at the very famousAngelina’s. The pastry was so light and airy, it literally just melted in your mouth. So…I’m not a cake person but I still appreciate the quality of French pastries.


7. The FOOD in general

As well as its amazing wine bars, Paris’ gastronomical front is way ahead of any other country I’ve visited. The chefs are inventive, creative and unique in their approach to food with Paris hosting some of the best chefs in the world. My favourite thing about the food is the fact that you can get a fantastic meal for 15 euros and a fantastic meal for 150 euros. Having a lower budget doesn’t mean you have to eat bad food, what a relief!

8. The Monuments

If you didn’t already know, Paris is actually the most visited city in the world. The Eiffel Tower, or the Iron Lady as the French call her, has almost 7 million visitors per year. The city’s monuments are absolutely stunning and most of the big monuments are within walking distant of each other. Walking along the River Seine past the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower…you might feel like pinching yourself just to check that you’re not dreaming.

9. The Architecture

Even now, after six years in this beautiful city, I never seem to stop looking up. The buildings are simply, incredible. The architecture is unmatched. Buildings vary in every area and there are surprises on every corner. I recommend always having a camera with you to ensure you don’t miss that perfect shot!

10. The People I’ve Met Here

Before I moved to Paris I had lived a fairly sheltered life. I didn’t have any friends from any other country but England! Since living here I have met such wonderful people, many of whom I know will be friends for life. I now have friends from all over the States, from Brazil, from Thailand, from Africa, from the Faroe Islands (shout out to Sissal), from all over France, from Canada, from Spain…the list goes on! These people and our cultural differences have taught me so much about the world, things I never could have learnt if we hadn’t met. When you’re an expat your friends become your family and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the amazing people I have in my life!

So there you have it, ten of the reasons why I love Paris. What are your favourite things about the city? I’d love to hear them in the comments below! Ciao for now xox


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