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The Paris Guy – Paris’ Hottest New Tour Guiding Company

If you’ve ever been to Rome, you’ve most probably heard of The Roman Guy, a tour guiding company made up of Italy-loving experts from all over the world. Their tour guides are people who visited Rome on holiday and decided to stay and make beautiful Italy their home. The advantage of this is that the whole team, including the guides are so passionate about Italy and the tours they give, and they love to share their knowledge of the country and its culture with their clients. Best of all, people who live in a country always know the secret spots and top ways to experience the most popular attractions, so you’re sure to have a fantastic time with The Roman Guy. 

So who is The Paris Guy?

Following their success in Italy, the company has decided to expand to France and is bringing The Paris Guy to our beautiful city at the end of this month! As well as their wonderful and enthusiastic guides, The Paris Guy makes it possible for you to skip the lines. In busy places such as the Louvre and the Catacombs, this is an invaluable advantage for anyone visiting the city and will allow you to have a much better experience overall.

With availability from the 29th of March there are currently three fun and unique tours  on offer.

Tour One: Skip the Line Magnificent Louvre Tour 

From 30th March 2018

After skipping the lines and making it into the museum, you’ll follow your zealous guide on a walk around the beautiful Louvre museum.  Your guide will talk you through the sculptures, the paintings (including the famous Mona Lisa) and even, the crown jewels. Did you know that the Louvre was once a royal palace? I certainly didn’t before I moved to France! Your guide will take you on a journey through history in this beautiful museum that is guaranteed to leave you feeling dazzled.

Learn more about the Louvre Tour

Tour Two: Skip the Line Paris Catacombs Tour

From 1st April 2018

Another spot in Paris that is not to be missed is the Catacombs. Jump the line with your guide and make your way down the spiral staircase that descends into the fascinating underground graves. With a maximum of 12 people on this tour, you’ll be able to make the most of your visit to this unique attraction and best of all, you won’t get lost with your guide by your side! The tour will teach you all about the Catacombs and why they were built, as well as the mysteries that remain hidden within the walls.

Learn more about the Catacombs Tour

Tour Three: Golden Versailles Palace and Garden Tour

From 29th March 2018

Last but certainly not least, The Paris Guy offers an unforgettable tour of the Versailles Palace and its garden which is located just a short train ride away from Paris. This three-hour tour is also limited to only 12 people to ensure everyone gets the most out of their day at France’s most spectacular palace. Your guide will accompany you from Paris and get you inside with their skip the line access. Last time I went with my family we only managed to do the garden because the palace queue was so big, so this is DEFINITELY an advantage to the tour. Your guide will show you around the palace, including visits to the grand rooms and the infamous hall of mirrors before exploring the gardens. After the gardens you’ll have time to explore at your own pace and with your open train ticket you can return to Paris whenever you’re ready. What could be better?

Learn more about the Versailles tour

The Paris Guy is sure to make a splash in Paris this year and I personally cannot wait to try out all of their tours! Having the opportunity to learn even more about a city I love so much with a dynamic and vivacious guide from The Paris Guy is one occasion that is not to be missed!

Find out more about The Paris Guy here

For more information or special inquiries you can also contact them on +1 (800) 264 3976


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