Cosy Cafes for 2016

Ob-La-Di: €€
 I recently discovered this adorable little cafe with my good friend Jayne. Named after the famous Beatles song, it’s the perfect place to go with friends. We went for breakfast on a gloomy Wednesday morning and had the most delicious food ever. I had the honey berry yoghurt and muesli and Jayne had the avocado tartine, accompanied by two mouth-watering lattes. It wasn’t cheap but the service and the food were definitely worth the price! Honey berry yoghurt and muesli: 10 euros Avocado tartine: 9 euros Lattes: 5 euros each.


Le Poutch: € With the days being shorter and the sky being grayer, we all need a little bit of light in our lives! Thanks to my wonderful friend Lucien I discovered this little cafe. It is now my favourite writing spot, with its cosy feel and cushions and I couldn’t recommend a better place to have coffee and a cake this winter! It’s also a cheaper option with coffees and teas priced at a very reasonable 4 euros and cakes and cookies from €2.50.


Holybelly: €€ This spectacular place is the newest of all my discoveries. As my friend Jayne is heading back to the States this summer, we decided to make a list of all the places we wanted to go to before she left. Of course, as we love good food and strong coffee, most of the places are cafes! We went to Holybelly for the first time this week and it was absolutely fantastic. The food was to-die-for and the service was top notch. I had the savory pancakes with egg, bacon and maple syrup and I added a homemade hash brown to my order…I couldn’t resist! Jayne had eggs, goats cheese and sausage meat. We both had coffees which were equally as delicious! The kitchen is open plan so you can see your food being cooked and there is plenty of seating. We got an adorable little booth that we could have happily sat in all day! You HAVE to try Holybelly. However, it’s really popular so on a weekend expect to queue and at lunchtime you’ll often need to wait for a table. BUT, it’s so worth it.


So start exploring now and discover these wonderful cafes which are all a short walk away from Republique!

€€€ – a little expensive
€€ – great value for money
€ – very reasonably priced

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3 thoughts on “Cosy Cafes for 2016

  1. I adore Ob-La-Di and it’s long I want to try Holibelly… Never heard about the 3rd one – will have a look;)

    1. Anna I had wanted to try Holybelly for SO long and it didn’t disappoint! You HAVE to go!

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