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Parisian Terraces to try this Summer

“One never sees Paris for the first time; one always sees it again…” – Edmondo de Amicis Anyone who has visited Paris knows that the city has spectacular views from numerous locations. With summer finally on its way you have the opportunity to see these views from Paris’ beautiful terraces. To help you decide which […]

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Ten Insider Tips for Paris!

Paris has officially held the title of the world’s most visited city since 2013 and although it’s clearly extremely popular with tourists, visiting the city can also be a very bewildering experience. Take it from someone who knows, it’s always better to do some research before visiting a city. That way, you can avoid tourist […]

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An Interview with Etienne Belin

Interview – 15.01.2015 “I’ve always had the same goal; to take pleasure in what I’m doing and to enjoy the music that I perform.” – Etienne Belin Almost three years ago now I met Etienne Belin for the first time. I remember being bowled over by his charisma, his jovial character and most of all, by his voice.  […]

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