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How to: Get Translation Help in Paris

I recently noticed that one of the most popular questions on the Expatriates in Paris Facebook group is:

“Where can I find a reasonably priced certified translator?”

As anyone who lives here knows, the French administrative services are obsessed with red tape so getting things done in France is a lot more complicated than in other countries and honestly, the process can sometimes be exhausting. BUT, never fear, I’m here to help.

It might seem hard to believe now but you WILL get your carte vitale eventually and you CAN find excellent companies or independent translators that can help you prepare the documents you need. I’ve compiled a list of the best services in Paris or online that have been recommended by our very own Expatriates. Hopefully this list will help you to pave the way for your life in France:


Bilingual Minds offers:

  • Court Sworn Translations of your documents for €0.27 per word and a minimum of €40 per project. Their court sworn translator can produce your translations of birth/marriage certificates, diplomas and other documentation intended for official use.
  • Translation English to French and French to English for a standard fee of 0,10€ per source word. They are standard and certified translators who make sure that both the translator’s and the proofreader’s mother-tongue matches that of the document.
  • Telephone Calls in French for 5€ for calls that last ten minute or less. They can make phone calls in French on your behalf and then report back to you which is an invaluable service for anyone who isn’t bilingual yet. You simply tell them what you would like them to communicate and / or what information you would like them to obtain.
  • Writing Letters in French for 20€ per hour (10€ for 30 minutes and 5€ for 15 minutes or less). If you have an important letter to write, they can do it for you!
  • Form Filling in French for 20€ per hour (10€ for 30 minutes and 5€ for 15 minutes or less). Form filling is a job that nobody likes, especially when it’s in a foreign language. One tiny mistake can cost you. Let them handle it!
  • Telephone Interpretation if you’re having problems communicating! You can call them, put them on speaker-phone and they will interpret between you and your plumber, doctor, mechanic etc., or for any other important matter.
  • Making a complaint can be upsetting and frustrating and worse so, if there is a language barrier. Let them be your French voice.

They have a 24 hour turnaround time and work from scans of your documents so you can just send your certificate(s) by e-mail and they will send the translation(s) to you by post. A fantastic service recommended by a number of Expats including Winsome Wild who rated them 5 stars and said “So impressed with this service! Completely bilingual, very responsive, well-priced and happy to deal with French bureaucracy. I wish I had known about them when I moved here, but I will certainly use from now on.”

Click on their name to reach their website or check out their Facebook Page here! 


“Simple, sworn, standard or urgent translations; a basic text, a website, a dubbing project or something entirely different, no matter how complex – whatever your needs, we have the solution.”

Alpis offers:

  • Technical Translation where they strive to find the right specialist for your particular industry, whatever it may be, in order to ensure a high level quality.
  • Sworn Translation that is valid in court and for administrative bodies, by virtue of the translator’s official law qualifications and judicial expertise.
  • Simulatenous Interpreting if you have a convention, a conference or perhaps an EWC to organize. They translate your discussions directly with a clear and concise simultaneous interpreting service in several languages.
  • Special equipment and direct translation/minute taking for events and meetings, perfect for companies working in multiple lanuages.

Alpis charges around €50 for a birth certificate translation and have a very fast turnaround. Click their name for their website and more information on pricing.


Davron Translations  offers:

  • Translation for: Certified, legal, business, real estate, finance, medical, student, arts & literature, luxury, environment and websites.
  • Interpreting for: Sworn, business and telephone calls
  • Related Services for: Transcription, proofreading, legislation, visa and school registration
  • Language classes in: English; French, Spanish, German, language coaching and CPF (formely DIF hours)

It charges around €50 for a birth certificate. Click their name for their website and more information on pricing.


Cabinet Fields Juris Traducteur offers:

  • Certified translation
  • Legal translation
  • Legal Interpreting

They have an online service where you can get a quote for the service you require. You can also contact them by email at: info@cabinetfields.com

These four services have been recommended highly by Expats in Paris who all have personal experience with them. I hope this will be useful for your translation needs in the future!

Bonne courage!

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