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Frenchie- my Favourite Wine Bar

As a blogger I’m always keen to discover new places in Paris, especially when it involves wine.

During the summer, going for “un after work” drink with your friends a
nd colleagues is an absolute must. The sun is shining and the city is bursting at the seams with bars that are all waiting to serve you a chilled glass of wine or an ice cold beer. With so many bars to choose from it isn’t easy to make a decision but let me recommend one to you!

Frenchie is a stylish and chic little wine bar tucked away in a cobblestone side street just a few metres from Sentier metro station. The road is tiny and apart from the bar itself, it’s adjoining restaurant and the cafe version Frenchie to go, there is little else on the road. The road has been officially, Frenchie-fied.

The bar itself is quite small and is often very busy so I recommend getting there early to get a seat! Last time I went there we couldn’t get a table as it was too busy but the  waitress took our name and gave us a number, explaining that she would come and get us when a table freed up. We placed ourselves  comfortably at the bar and were greeted by a fellow expat – a Canadian girl who was really friendly and even let us try a selection of wines before we decided to go for a delicious full bodied red.

Photo credit: Frenchie

The bar has a congenial atmosphere and very friendly staff which makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. The menu is simple but delicious with mouth-watering dishes (and an English menu!). After pouring over the menu we finally decided to go with a cheese board (including 3 different cheeses) which was absolutely to-die-for. The bread was delicious and surprisingly it wasn’t your standard French baguette! It was large, wide and dark and looked almost like rye bread. We gazed at the waitress as she cut small slices of heaven for us and placed them in a rustic basket. Oh la la. Washed down with the delicious wine we chose it couldn’t have been better. I think the only downside was the lack of space, you really need to get there early or you won’t get a seat.

Next time you’re looking for great food, excellent wine, brilliant service and a lively atmosphere, Frenchie is the place to be.

Wine bar €€
Average price of a glass of wine is €8

5-6, RUE DU NIL 75002 PARIS
TÉL. : +33 (0)

Open everyday from 7pm

Click here for more information about the Frenchie chain. 


  • theepicuresretreat

    I’ve eaten at their restaurant across the street and not only was it an excellent meal, but fantastic value for money. When I last ate their a couple of years ago, the menu was a set one and changed daily based on the produce they’d been able to source that day. It was a fantastic and memorable meal, at a very reasonable price (I’m sure I paid leas than €40 for a 3 course meal a couple of years ago) but it was worth considerably more based on the experience I had. I remember at the time the wine bar opposite being a bustling hive of activity and a great waiting spot for those trying to secure a table in the very small restaurant hoping for a cancellation. I must try and visit again, but based on my previous experience, I’m a big fan of Frenchie!

    • chloemartin25

      Thank you so much for your comment! I have yet to eat in the restaurant but have eaten in Frenchie to go and the wine bar. I love them both! Such a great addition to Paris!

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